Export and Import in Lithuania

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Export and import trading have been the backbone of the global economy for centuries. With a population of over 2.7 million people, Lithuania is one of the emerging economies in Europe with increasing demand for quality goods at affordable prices. As such, buying and selling goods wholesale can be a lucrative business venture.

If you are interested in starting or expanding your wholesale business in Lithuania, it’s important to have expert guidance on export/import regulations, customs clearance procedures, international trade agreements among other crucial factors that could impact your success.

That’s where professional export/import consultant comes in handy. Experienced consultant will provide you with valuable insights into Lithuanian market trends and help you navigate complex regulatory hurdles while identifying profitable opportunities.

The first step towards successful wholesaling is identifying what products are high in demand within the Lithuanian market. Some popular items include electronics, clothing, furniture and food products such as dairy produce, meat and fish amongst others.

Once you’ve identified your niche product(s), sourcing them from reliable suppliers either locally or internationally should be next on your list. You want to ensure that you get good deals without compromising on quality standards.

Working closely with a consultant who understands local customs regulations will help streamline logistics processes like shipping arrangements; ensuring timely delivery of goods so that they reach customers promptly without any delays or damage during transit hence improving customer satisfaction levels which is vital in building long term relationships with clients.

Lithuania has numerous well established trade fairs throughout the year providing ideal opportunities for networking and establishing contact with potential customers as well as investors who may fund future expansion projects.

Overall there are various benefits associated with engaging professional export/import consultants when venturing into wholesaling like risk management given their expertise around legal requirements thus reducing instances of penalties/fines due to non-compliance issues.

Wholesaling can be highly profitable if done right by leveraging on experienced professionals familiar with local policies/regulations guiding international trade thereby minimizing risk while maximizing on profits.

Main Services


Market and Partners Research

 Analyzing commercial opportunities and trends in Lithuania markets. Partners search.


Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with all trade regulations and laws when importing or exporting goods.


Contract Negotiation

Negotiating favourable trade agreements with partners and suppliers.


Logistics Management

Planning and coordinating the transport of goods to or from international destinations.

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