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Professional Export/Import Consulting

Advice, Guidance, Solutions

Import/Export Consultancy Services 

My Import/Export Consultancy services provides comprehensive and professional advice on logistics, customs, services and management of import/export operations. I promise to provide timely and efficient service, along with reliable advice and guidance to ensure successful completion of your import/export needs.


Market and Partners Research

 Analyzing commercial opportunities and trends in Lithuania markets. Partners search.


Regulatory Compliance

 Ensuring compliance with all trade regulations and laws when importing or exporting goods.


Contract Negotiation

 Negotiating favourable trade agreements with partners and suppliers.


Logistics Management

 Planning and coordinating the transport of goods to or from international destinations.

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Import/Export Consultancy

I am a Consulting Agent specialized in assisting businesses with their import and export operations in Lithuania market. I will provide tailored solutions to help you successfully expand your presence and maximize your trading opportunities.

Unlock the full potential of international trade with Brokerexports.

I will provide guidance on logistics, customs, services, and management to ensure your import/export operations are efficient and successful. Trust me to help you navigate the complex world of international trade.

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Real Estate solutions in Lithuania

Real Estate Investing is a great way to build and grow wealth. Start taking control of your financial future and begin investing in real estate today. I am a leading real estate investing broker, offering valuable resources and industry-specific insights to help you take control of your investments and find best options in Lithuania market.

Apartments and houses

Apartment or house purchase / rental service

Commercial and administrative premises

Commercial and Administrativ premises purchase / rental service

Land plots for development

Plots for residential, commercial or other purpose project development

Investment projects

Investment projects: office buildings, hotels, commerce and others

Build to Suit

A tailored build-to-suit procedure can help you increase your company and your brand’s footprint.
Join forces with me for development! In order to assist you in acquiring a desired property, deliver the space to your requirements, and lease the facility to you on suitable terms, i will collaborate with local real estate developers and builders. Build-to-suit gives you a predictable and clear cost structure, a single landlord point of contact, and a consistent level of care.

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